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Connecting Communities: Promoting Safety Through Education

After 9 years, we are refreshing one of our most popular publications: the Biking 101 Guide.

I am a Winter Cyclist

Winter weather doesn't stop Ellie Mitchell from hitting the road (or the trail) on her fat bike. Here's a story that will inspire you to pedal in the snow.

Taking Strides: Volunteer of the year

I’ve seen the magic made by this organization, its volunteers, and donors like you

Drive with Care – Turn Safely

The Right Hook and Left Cross are two of the most dangerous behaviors cars do for people riding bikes. They are also illegal in the state of PA.

Winter is Coming: How to Prepare for Cold-Weather Cycling

December is here and so is the winter cold This month we wanted to give you a few options for

Dec 14: Public Meeting About Expanding, Connecting Downtown Bike Lanes and Trails

Weigh in on the City's Plans to Make Biking Around Downtown Safer

Holiday Gifts for the Cyclist in Everyone

To help you through the holiday happenings, we rounded up our favorite bike-related goodies and experiences. Regardless of who you're shopping for - friends, neighbors, nephews, or even yourself - we've got you covered.

December Rides of the Month – North Park Adventures

Riding in this month we are going to head 15 miles North of Downtown Pittsburgh to one of the flagship recreation areas in the region, Allegheny County's North Park.

The Allegheny Trail Alliance is seeking their next Executive Director

The Executive Director will be the intelligent, thoughtful architect of the next phase of the organization’s life cycle.

Make a Difference Online

Want to give back while doing the things you love? We're looking for skilled volunteers who want to make Pittsburgh safer for bicyclists & pedestrians.

The Best Bicycling Gifts in Pittsburgh

With a wide range of options, these cycling gifts will help you show your love—without emptying your wallet.

Taking Strides, Connecting Communities

This year’s successes reflected our core focuses of advocacy, community, and education.

Create Safe and Equitable Access to Parks with this Tool

Safe Routes to parks encourages people to access parks with this framework. Proximity to parks is consistently related to better physical and mental health.