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60 Bikes Land in PGH. Destination: Positive Spin

PricewaterhouseCoopers employees outfit our Positive Spin kids with a new fleet of bicycles Last month a group of 150 new hires at

The Winter Riding Conditions Report Is BikePGH Message Board Magic

Share knowledge about the latest road and trail conditions with the BikePGH hive mind By Phil Hnatkovich, communications contributor This

GBA’s Dream(y) Bike Room

The Green Building Alliance’s new bike room transformation is oh so dreamy Way back in 2014, the bike rack company Dero

Scott’s Story: 6th edition of the Pittsburgh Bike Map

It can be adventurous and exciting to fend through the wilds of Pittsburgh without guidance, but sometimes you just want

Nick’s Thank-you Card to Mayor Peduto!

What better way to say thanks than a card!? We just got a visit in the office from Nick Wolf.

County proposes 5 miles of bike lanes on Neville Island

Oops! LOOKING FOR THE AERO TECH EVENT? Click Here. Find out the details Neville Township occupies the entirety of Neville

Trib: Pittsburgh initiative seeks increased safety as commuter habits evolve

Envision Downtown seeks to increase safety for all traveling Downtown Pittsburgh ranks 8th in the nation for the highest number

CP: Advocates pushing for greater driver accountability in car/bike crashes

Better laws and better enforcement of current laws are urgently needed We can make Pittsburgh a much safer place for

Candlelight Vigil in Honor of Susan Hicks

Candlelight Vigil in Honor of Susan Hicks Around 5:00 p.m. on October 24th, Susan Hicks was struck and killed while

October is Member Appreciation Month

We love our members Perhaps you joined to become a part of the bicycling community, maybe you wanted to support advocacy

VIDEO: BikePGH’s Bike Parking Design Workshop

Bike Parking Design Workshop explains the not-so-obvious need for good design in bike parking By: Dan Yablonsky It may not be

A BikePGH Toolkit for Starting and Sustaining Neighborhood Bike and Ped Committees

A How-To guide on starting and growing your Neighborhood Bike/Ped Committee Over the past few years, several neighborhood-specific bike, ped,

Commuting trends in Pittsburgh and beyond – a decade of the American Community Survey

Participants enjoying July’s OpenStreets event Trends from ten years of ACS data Here it is, our annual look at commuting