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Buying & Installing Bike Racks

There’s good bike parking and there’s bad bike parking.  Installing desirable bike parking isn’t rocket science, but there are a few qualities that go into useful facilities.

BikePGH has services to help with every step of the process; from designing facilities, to procuring products & permits, to completing installation. Reach out to racks@bikepgh.org to start the conversation, or check out the links below to familiarize yourself with what is out there in the bike parking world.

Neat, orderly bike parking, like at Whole Foods Market in East Liberty, can enhance a business’ image and bottom line; as opposed to the alternative.

Some things to keep in mind:

  • Will the rack(s) be on public or private property? If you are placing the rack in the public right-of-way the process you must submit a bike rack permit.

click here to visit the city’s website that outlines all permit and request programs and processes

BikePGH can help install bike parking on public property, send an email for details.

  • Pick the right rack.  Not all bike racks are created equal. Different spaces and uses will require different types of bike parking.  To make useful, efficient, desirable places to park bikes your facility should provide the following:
  1. Bike racks should be in secure locations that are well lighted at night.
  2. Be sure that the bike frame and wheel can both be locked to the rack. Avoid racks that only allow a wheel to be locked, aka “wheel benders”. See examples below.
  3. Provide ample space between bike parking spaces (36″ is ideal, 24″ at minimum) when installing multiple racks.
  4. Bike racks should be sheltered from the elements whenever possible.

Not located in the City of Pittsburgh and want to install a bike rack in the public right-of-way? Contact your local municipality to get their process.

Purchasing Bike Racks

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Assisting architects, developers, property managers and city governments with installing A+ bike parking facilities has always been at the core of what BikePGH does. We’ve gained valuable experience over the past 10+ years installing thousands of bike racks in Allegheny County’s urban core. We’re more then happy to answer your questions or meet for an on-site consolation.

BikePGH works an Advocate Dealer for Dero bike racks; meaning we can get you competitive pricing, free CAD design and familiarity with a trusted product line. Reach out to us at 412-325-4334 or racks@bikepgh.org to start the conversation.

Approximate pricing

Below are a just a handful of  prices to help with estimates.Visit Dero’s website to see available products, and contact us for quotes.  Shipping and tax will be added to all orders through Dero. Standard galvanized hoop racks are available for pickup at the BikePGH office.

Hoop Rack – Parks 2 Bikes – The tried and true classic.  The Hoop Rack is a proven design that provides high security and easy bike parking. The Hoop Rack uses thick pipe construction and the full radius of the bend makes the Hoop an attractive and functional bike rack.  Simply add as many as you need to serve your bicycle parking needs. Can be mounted on rails to provide a modular install option.

Price: Available for pickup at the BikePGH office  (Galvanized) – $125

Price w installation: BikePGH can provide the rack + complete the permits + install for $250/rack

Campus Rack– Parks 3-13 Bikes depending on length and if you go double sided – The Campus Rack provide you with good bike support, orderly bicycle parking and high security. The design of this bike rack supports the frame of the bike while keeping the fork from twisting. The result is convenient, orderly bike parking. The Campus Rack is available in single or double sided models in various lengths. The single sided model is ideal for sidewalk placement, while the double sided model staggers bikes opposite from each other for greater space efficiency. The Campus Rack will also accommodate scooters.

Single sided (powder coated or galvanized) – For use with one side against wall

  • You choose size 3 – 8 bikes: $430-$680

Double sided (powder coated or galvanized) – Bikes can be locked to either side

  • You choose 7 -13 bikes: $480 – $800


Ultra Space Saver vertical rack – modular design allows you to park as many bikes as you need – The Ultra Space Saver rack is the bike rack of choice for indoor bike parking rooms/areas.  They keep the bikes orderly, in a space-efficient manner, and allow you to securely lock the frame. The USS rack can be mounted directly into the wall or in a floor-mounted movable unit.

Approximately $130/ea

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