Balaclava and glasses

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An alternative to ski goggles which doesn’t look quite so dorky (in my opinion), is a pair of Kroop’s Goggles. However, they do fog up, and I’m not sure there’s space for glasses under them. My DIY prototype goggles based on the Kroop design does fog up with my balaclava, but vents help (at the expense of making it colder).

My best luck breathing without fog, with my balaclava over my nose, is to “blow out” through pursed lips when I’m breathing through my mouth. Basically, direct the air straight through the fabric, and don’t allow any easier path for the air to flow up above your upper lip.

It’s kind of hard to describe. It’s a pain in the butt to do for extended periods, so I tend to keep my nose uncovered except to warm it occasionally.

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