Bless Yer Bike

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Having your bike blessed is the only safety precaution you’ll need for this year’s bike riding season, and will make you more attractive to ladies and/or men!

Note: the preceding statement is completely untrue, but it got your attention.

So while I have your attention, you should know that the North Side’s only Blessing of the Bikes is coming up this weekend. Join us on the 21st at Allegheny Unitarian Universalist Church. This is the day of our Earth Day service, which starts at 10:30, and all are welcome to join us. If you’re pressed for time the actual blessing part will be at 11:30 on the church steps. Weather permitting we will then embark on a leisurely ride down to Washington’s Landing via the Riverfront Trail.

Allegheny UU is a welcoming urban congregation that celebrates diversity of culture, ethnicity, orientation, and beer preference.

Be there or be [whatever it is you are when you’re not at our Biketism].


This is the 4th thread you’ve started with this same announcement, all in the past week. Please don’t venture into spammer territory.

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