Commuting through strip and Liberty?

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you kind of have to be familiar with the area to get this one but once you do it once it’s second nature… there is a nicely paved back road between the RR tracks and liberty that goes behind those businesses that i take every day… it’s really smooth for most of it and there are no cars, i get on by turning left onto 32nd coming down liberty from bloomfield (i am usually coming from oakland via melwood/gold way) and then turning left onto sassafrass st, then you just follow it behind all the businesses and you end up coming down this ramp that pops right back out onto liberty around 16th street, it works great for me because i live right across the 16th street bridge, but you could just take liberty into downtown for the remaining blocks. I commute into oakland and back every day and definately find this to be the safest (and probably fastest, no lights or stop signs the whole way) way to bike through the strip

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