Cyclist needed for short film

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I am a local filmmaker (and cyclist) casting for a short film preparing to shoot in August. Looking for a male road cyclist, mid 40s to mid 50s for the lead role.
Requirements are:
1. real experience riding a road bike, as in you own and it receives regular use
2. a reasonable level of fitness with no aversion to doing hill repeats; the film requires climbing on Polish Hill or other similar location

“Acting” requirements are minimal beyond the bike skills. The role requires limited dialogue that is mostly one or two word exchanges with other characters, made from the bike. The story is mostly told through body language, and expressions. Schedule would be two days of shooting, most likely on a weekend, with the possibility of some pick up cycling shots in the fall to get a seasonal change needed in the film.

If you are interested, please contact me:
with Andiamo! in the subject line.

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