did you see (or know anyone who saw) the 3/13 Liberty+Matilda hit-&-run?

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Hey folks ~ if anyone here saw the 3/13 hit-and-run on Liberty and Matilda, or know anyone who did, please drop me a line. I’m the person who was hit, by the by. you can reach me here on the board, or here: maybe [dot] jai [at] gmail [dot] com.

Much appreciated. Especially since the [frustrating] police report came back saying there were no witnesses. Which is totally not the case.


I did not.

But I’m curious as to how you are doing? How long were hospitalized? Can you walk? Can you ride a bike? If not how long? Will you ride a bike? Did you keep your job?

That is, if you don’t mind these questions comeing from sympathetic strangers.


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