Dry bag repair?

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joe don baker

On the way to work this morning, I noticed a small tear in my waterproof pannier. About 3/4″. Right at the seam where the fabric and the vinyl overlap, so that’s great.

Now, I’m headed out on a ~350 mile tour in a month and I really need this guy with me, and functioning at 100%. I’ll be in Oregon. I’ll probably be wet at some point.

My first instinct is to get one of those fabric repair kits, something like this: http://www.amazon.com/Aqua-NRS-Tear-Aid-Patch/dp/B00241OSK6

…buuuuut, have any of you made one of these repairs before? Successfully? Used Tear-Aid before, or have a better suggestion? (The tear, to be more specific, is on the fabric side on the outside, and right on the overlap seam on the inside).

Any recommendations/DIY tips/home remedies/cheapskate solutions welcome.

Thank ya!


Many dry cleaners have people to make repairs — you might check with them.


Use contact adhesive & a piece of heavy fabric (blue jeans, etc.) cut slightly larger than the tear. Contact adhesive is cheap, very waterproof and remains flexible. It’s basically what’s inside that patch kit – only more versatile and cheaper. BTW, I’d put the patch over the seam to prevent the tear from getting any bigger.



Stop by REI, they have tape specifically made for this type of repair. I keep it in my bag for field repairs.



Both have worked fine for me. I like the DIY method, but you might as well have some with you on the road.

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