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rainbow dog

To follow the recent book discussion.

The Bicycle Thief

My Italian Secret: The Forgotten Heroes

Both are on Netflix. Highly recommend both. The second one made me cry

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“A Sunday in Hell” It’s a documentary about the 1976 Paris-Roubaix race. It very interesting to see the atmosphere surrounding the race; the mechanics, protesters halting it, etc. You can find it on Youtube. “Breaking Away” is a good one too.


Road to Roubaix (good background-music on the soundtrack, too)

Bicycle Dreams, about the Race Across AMerica.


Ride the Divide — the mountain bike race down the western Continental Divide.

Nobody’s mentioned Pee-Wee’s Big Adventure.

Oh, and here’s some about Lance Armstrong:
The Program
Stop at Nothing: The Lance Armstrong Story
The Armstrong Lie


List below from Momentum:
(personal reviews: loved Wadjda, Girl on a Bike was good too)

Wadjda (2012)
Wadjda tells the story of an enterprising and rebellious 10-year-old girl in Saudi Arabia who wants to beat a male classmate in a bicycle race, but doesn’t have a bike. She registers for a Koran-reciting competition at her school in hopes of winning enough money to buy the green bicycle she has set her sights on.
Available in Canada

The Bicycle Thief (1948)
The Bicycle Thief has been heralded as one of the best movies of all time by voices from the New Yorker to the Los Angeles Times. The drama tells the story of Antonio, an impoverished man in post-war Italy who requires a bicycle to do his job, but has his stolen the same day he buys it. He sets out in streets of Rome with his son to track down the thief and retrieve his bike.
Available in the US and Canada

Girl on a Bicycle (2013)
Set in Paris, this romantic comedy tells the story of Paolo, an Italian tour bus driver who becomes infatuated with a beautiful woman he sees riding past on a bicycle just days after he becomes engaged to his long-time girlfriend.

The Triplets of Belleville (2003)
This comical French cartoon follows the exploits of Madame Souza, her dog Bruno, and an ageing, eccentric singing trio who set out to save Souza’s grandson after he was kidnapped during the Tour de France.
Available in the US

Ride the Divide (2010)
This aesthetically beautiful documentary follows the trails of three cyclists as they race each other across the longest mountain bike trail in the world, a gruelling 2,700 mile journey from Banff, Canada to the US-Mexico Border.
Available in Canada

The Kid with a Bike (2011)
Another French film, The Kid with a Bike centers around a young boy who has recently been abandoned by his father and left to the care of the state. A hairdresser in town takes him under her wing on weekends, and as the two of them ride around town, the boy struggles to come to terms with his situation.
Available in the US

The Armstrong Lie (2013)
This documentary follows Lance Armstrong from his post-cancer comeback in 2009, through to his confession about performance-enhancing drug use in 2012.
Available in Canada

Pee-Wee’s Big Adventure (1985)
Pee Wee Herman sets out on a grand adventure across the US in an attempt to find his beloved red bicycle in this family-friendly American Classic.

Copenhagen (2014)
Copenhagen is a coming-of-age drama that tells the story of William, an immature Canadian in his late twenties who travels to Copenhagen to find his grandfather. He meets a young waitress who agrees to be his translator and guide and the two of them embark on a cycling journey around the city uncovering the dark history of William’s family. Effy, the young waitress, challenges the negative perceptions he’s always had of women and he finds himself falling for her, only to learn that she’s half his age.
Available in the US

Rising from Ashes (2012)
Rising from Ashes is an inspiring documentary about the formation of the Rwandan national cycling team. In 2006, professional cyclist Jacques “Jock” Boyer moved to Rwanda to help a group of struggling genocide survivors form a cycling organization. All of its members were young children during the genocide, and many were left orphaned. The film follows the cycling organization’s progression into a national team, and the emotional and psychological impacts the cycling team has on both its members and a nation still struggling with the aftermath of trauma.
Available in the US and Canada

Premium Rush (2012)
A routine run for a Manhattan bike messenger unexpectedly turns into a life or death race when a dirty cop comes after the package he’s carrying. Joseph Gordon-Levitt stars in this action-packed urban thriller with bicycle chase scenes to rival any cinematic car chase.
Available in Canada

Rad (1986)

Cru Jones (Bill Allen), a young BMX rider who lives in a small town with his mother and sister, is faced with a tough decision: qualify for the Helltrack, one of the largest BMX events, or take the SATs and apply to college in this classic coming-of-age story.

Quicksilver (1986)

After losing out on a risky business decision, Jack Casey (Kevin Bacon) leaves the fast-paced world of stock market trading and becomes a bicycle messenger.

Pedal (2001)

Shot through a camera clipped to a messenger’s helmet, this short documentary is about the fast-paced daily activities of bicycle messengers in New York City.

Klunkerz (2006)

A documentary about the beginnings and growth of the mountain bike culture from a small group of innovators to a multi-billion-dollar industry.

American Flyers (1985)

This powerful film tells the story of two brothers, David (David Marshall Grant) and Marcus (Kevin Costner), who face the possibility of developing a crippling hereditary brain disease. Realizing they may not have much time left, they decide to embark on a cross-country journey to a bicycle race in Colorado.

Breaking Away (1979)

Dave (Dennis Christopher), one of four friends growing up in the small college town of Bloomington, IN, is obsessed with competitive bicycle racing. Adventures ensue as Dave searches for his place in the town and biking community.

Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid (1969)

This classic American western tells the story of two outlaws and their exploits. In an unforgettable bicycle scene, Butch Cassidy (Paul Newman) takes Etta Place (Katharine Ross) for a ride through the countryside to the tune of B.J. Thomas’s “Raindrops Keep Fallin’ on my Head.”

E.T.: The Extra-Terrestrial (1982)

Elliot (Henry Thomas) helps a lost alien get home in a dramatic flying bicycle scene.


Don’t forget:

2 Seconds(1998)

Laurie, a professional downhill racer gets fired because of her slight overindulgence in irresponsibility. She returns to Montreal where she is welcomed by her geeky but cute brother. She meets Lorenzo, a cranky, ex-racer who owns a bike shop. The two become friends. Laurie gets a job with a local bicycle courier company, but a member of the group is intent on shutting her out of their circles, making her life difficult and sad. After a bonding truth-revealing discussion between Laurie and Lorenzo, Laurie begins to see what she has to do to make things better for herself.

Quicksilver (1986)

Jack Casey (Kevin Bacon) used to be a hot-shot stock market whiz kid. After a disastrous professional decision, his life in the fast lane is over. He loses his nerve and joins a speed delivery firm which relies on bicycles to avoid traffic jams of San Francisco, is attracted to a fellow bicycler, Terri, and befriends Hector, a budding entrepreneur. Can Jack regain his nerve and his self-respect, and rebuild his life on a more sound basis?


It was the start of a brand new life, but Tom Allen’s dream journey takes an unlikely detour when he falls in love with an Iranian-Armenian girl.


Cyclo (1995)

Xích lô (original title)

A young man who struggles through life by earning some money with his bicycle-taxi in Saigon (Ho Chi Minh city) gets contact to a group of criminals. They introduce him to the mafia-world of drugs and crime.


I’m glad someone brought up 2 seconds, I love that film. Great footage of Mtl. Also I am basically Lorenzo without the shop.

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