Handball 2013

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Hello fellow Pittsburghers,

A group of people will be playing handball regularly throughout the year of your lord 2013, if this sounds like an enticing sport for you, please come join us. Onewall/Blueball American Handball is basically an outdoor version of racquetball, except it actually pre-dates it by at least 75 years in the United States. You only need a ball and a wall to play, we have lots of balls. There are two walls in Pgh, one in Squirrel hill and one in East Liberty. We usually play the East Liberty wall which is located in Garland Park (found here in a nice bird’s eye view link) and the Squirrel Hill wall is in the park on Hobart St.

American Handball wiki: link

Our first game will be today if there is interest, 3 pm at the East Liberty wall.

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