International Women's Day – Bike Themed: Share your adventure!

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So today while chatting up with the group that met Downtown for the “Downtown Lunch Meet-up”, we got talking about riding and touring, and I mentioned how I did the whole GAP/C&O solo last year -July 25th to July 29th. Some people didn’t know and seemed impressed -don’t know if this was because as a woman I did it, or because I did it solo w/no back up while hauling my own tent, food, clothes, etc….

Either way –being International Women’s Day– I just wanted to say that anyone can do the ride! And while of-course some preparation, time, physical condition, and a stubborn mind are very helpful for it; gender is NOT an issue.

So yeah, if it helps to inspire anyone, I’m posting some of my pictures from the trip here! I know that if I did this trip, is because I was inspired by others before me :)

Also, if other women want to share their adventures or moments -it could be touring, doing the CTC, commuting to work, mtb, “cycling chic” around the city in high heels, or taking their kids to school on-bikes, etc – or other personal achievements in any-level that might inspire someone -PLEASE share them here!

Just a though :)

(photos are NOT in order)

DONE- At Mile Marker “0” in DC

At the beginning of the C&O Detour

View after coming off of “Big Savage Tunnel” at GAP

View after coming off of “Paw Paw Tunnel” at CO path

Another shot at end of C&O path

Took the train back to Pittsburgh by boxing my bike

One of the (3) fallen trees I had to deal with at the C&O

At the MAxon-Dixon Line!

My only McGiver moment -bungy cord got caught on rear wheel

The storm that kept chasing me the entire trip!

Some fun ruins along C&O

I had to get a shot of the White House for my Mama :)

Dinner at end of 3rd day while camping

Somwhere along C&O

Harpers Ferry!

Eastern continental divide, with a Mom, Daughter & puppy team from Washington State doing the ride too

20 miles from DC, my last serious rest of the day :)

Left my mark -or Bill, at “Bills Bar” in Little Orleans, where after a 45 riding segment and almost bonking, I had the MOST AMAZING HAM SAMMICH EVER!!

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  • This topic was modified 4 years, 6 months ago by  bikeygirl.


Ok, the pictures are wonderful and all that, but


i did the same trip last summer, and wearing the same jersey! ^___^ i went july 15-20. remember the torrential storms last summer, the one with all the blood-thirsty falling trees? yep!

here’s my photo-journal thingie about the trip. girl power. woot!


I was surprised and impressed!
-Because you did it.
-Because I had not heard of it here – you made no fuss.
-Because you did it alone.
-Partly because you did it alone as a woman.

When I did it, everyone heard about it. And heard about it. And heard about it again.

I hope to do it again in the spring. And I promised my father I’d (at least try to) find someone to do it with me. So I better get cracking!

(I could not see the pics.)


@bikeygirl Do you have any advice for someone doing the trail for the first time? I’m leaving in just under two weeks and will also be camping along the way.

Mick wrote:When I did it, everyone heard about it. And heard about it. And heard about it again.

Yeah, I’ll probably do the same. In fact, I’m already telling people about it. Now I really have to go!


My wife and her best friend left from our house and rode to California. I rode them out of town and we got to Cecil and her best friend said “this is the longest bike ride I have ever done”… They made it to San Francisco.


I would love to ride across the country. I would also love to bike to DC. That seems more realistic this year with work, etc.

I am sure you all know by now that I did CtC and the DD last year. I am aiming for CtC this year with one gear, The Hilly Billy, and the endless mountains 1240k. I may get burned out on road riding this year and resort to riding in the woods by the end of the year. Maybe I will seriously try cross. I have a cross bike.

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