Jamis Cross Country 2.0–stolen :(

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Two nights ago (April 29-30), my bike was stolen sometime between 11PM-8AM in the Bloomfield/North Oakland area.

My dear friend is a 2007 black Jamis Cross Country 2.0 with a bike rack and panniers (see pictures below). It also has reflective tape (that I got from a Car-Free Friday event) on the shifters/brakes, and I put some on the spokes (which I thought would help with visibility, but they were too small and just got dirty). The original seat was stolen within the first week I had the bike, so there’s currently a Diamondback seat (from Free Ride).


Two years ago, I did the Earn-A-Bike program at Free Ride; I remember taking the classes, volunteering, tagging the bike, fixing it up, and riding it home with a smile on my face.

So, I’m putting up the signal, Batburgh. If you see it on Craigslist or around Pittsburgh, please contact me via Facebook (Samuel K Su), Twitter (@SamuelKSu), LinkedIn (Samuel K Su), email (SamuelKSu@gmail.com), or a message in the sky (addressing Samuel K Su…).

Thanks for the eyes, bike community.

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