my new bike

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I did get both bikes. Not sure why. It will give me something interesting to sell at the Bike Fest swap anyway. I’m picturing riding the Twenty to the swap, with the RSW-16 in the trailer.

I think for now I will have to keep the Twenty in close-to-stock condition. That way it’s satisfying the need for a three-speed as well as the need for a folding bicycle. I haven’t decided what to do about a fixed gear. Maybe the Twenty will get fixed someday. (The last week of weather has almost convinced me that I need a Karate Monkey.)

I’m currently touching up the spots of rust with some not-quite matching paint and will hook the brakes back up tomorrow. I might ride it to work on Friday. I guess I’ll replace the wheels. I have no fondness for steel rims, but the front hub is the old Raleigh oil-fed type, with a clip to cover the oil port. Put a squirt of oil in it every week and never disassemble it ever.

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