New Publication: Journal of Transport and Health

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I think this new publication shows some promise. If nothing else, I hope it gets the multiple interest groups reading the same articles and maybe reaching out across issue areas a bit more. We might need more architectural/urban design discussion though.


-> According to the introduction to the first issue of the Journal of Transport & Health (, “The aims and scope of the journal… are to promote cross-disciplinary research into the many ways in which transport policy affects health and inequalities, how awareness of these links can affect transport policy decisions – and how poor health can affect transport options for individuals. We aim to make this journal relevant to academics, professionals and policy-makers in many fields, including transport (planning and engineering), public health, spatial planning, epidemiology, geography, sustainable development, sociology, and urban studies…

Active travel – walking and cycling – is likely to be a recurring theme, as is public transport (transit)…

“We intend to give a speedy response to submissions, and to publish final proofs of accepted articles online as soon as they are available. Speed of acceptance or rejection also depends on having a sufficient pool of experts to review submitted manuscripts. To join our panel of peer-reviewers, register yourself as a new user on the journal website (click on ‘register’ at…”


Title & Author: “Journal of Transport & Health” by Staff

[First issue articles include:
– Health on the Move 2. Policies for health-promoting transport
– The role of bicycle sharing systems in normalising the image of cycling: An observational study of London cyclists
– Why do teens abandon bicycling? A retrospective look at attitudes and behaviors]

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