Ride with menorah post pittjug?

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Anonymous #

Hi all, don’t know if there’s cross pollination between the groups here or not, but post the pittjug meeting on hadoop (ends at 8:00) I’d love to do another ride with menorah just because if anyone wants to come along (menorah or no).

If it would be more convenient, would be happy to start at the jail trail access lot on swinburne, they’re only a mile apart.

Am happy to take suggestions on route, have done negligible riding outside squirrel hill and my commute downtown.

No more than a couple hours a relaxed pace, my wind resistance is higher than normal and I need to get home at a decent hour because I “gotta go make the donuts”.

Let me know guys!

Anonymous #

Sorry, to just fire this off so carelessly.

Specifically, 8:00PM tomorrow (December 12th). Pittjug meets at the Pittsburgh Technology Council: 2000 Technology Drive.

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