Stolen Bike – Lower Lawrenceville area

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my name is Alessandro. My wife’s bike has been stolen between Sunday and Tuesday. We are not sure because we left from Pittsburgh on Sunday morning for a short trip and we’ve just got back. Unfortunately we don’t have the serial number of the frame.
The bike is second-hand but in good conditions.
It is black with two stickers
– one black with “I <3 PGH”, on the part of the frame under the handlebar
– one blue on the rear fender “Who needs fuel perks?”.

The fenders were just 1 year-old, we bought them from Pro-bike.
There was an orange milk-basket on the back, the handles were brand new (few days).

We don’t have clear pictures of the bike, just a small frame cropped from a larger picture taken in Steel Valley trail, last summer.
Any information or suggestions are welcome.

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