Thread Just for Super Cool Hipsters.

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Anonymous #

Are you a hipster badass? Do you drink PBR from a can because it goes good with your tattoos and ear gauges? This is your thread.

Are you right about everything, all the freakin’ time and become impatient with others who don’t immediately grasp your awesomeness? Welcome home.

Do you ride a fixie with no brakes because other bikes are just too complicated and wimpy? Do you love to wear a messenger bag, even though you’re not a messenger? You’ve finally arrived at a thread just for you and your awesome kind.

This thread is for all the high maintenance, insecure bikers out there who insist on hijacking threads and using them as a platform for your bitchy harping. Now there’s no need to search for any reason to hold forth with your obviously-right opinion because you can do that here, for no reason at all.

All of you whiners and needy punks can use this thread to impress one another and even out-do one another with your pithy wit and bold sarcasm. On this thread no one will question anything you say because you’ll all be in agreement. And of course, you’ll be more right than anyone else. Always..


So please enjoy this thread and use it every day. And hopefully you all will keep each other busy sharing your disdain for the rest of the riders in Pittsburgh, and not have time to ruin everybody else’s good enjoyment of the site.

To use it properly, be sure to write all your negative bullshit and opinions HERE. That will free up space in the other threads for people who want to talk/read about BICYCLING, instead of having to humor your pathetic ass.

Enjoy it campers, no one else is as cool as you…

Anonymous #

No need for this.

Nick D

What happened to this board?


Val, there’s 2 rules to this board: Be constructive and no SPAM.

Thank you for not spamming.

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