Top 10 in cities over 200,000

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I just got this wonderful email stating, ” Pittsburgh also finished #3 in the country among cities with populations over 200,000. Not bad”.

That’s great! Now where can I find a list of all the rankings of cities with populations over 200,000? I love lists! Who beat Pgh? Who did Pgh beat?

buffalo buffalo
Select “Communities”, then “Period” ‘Entire Challenge Period’; “Show” ‘Class I, 200,000+ Population’.

Top three (first number is overall rank):
55 – Lincoln, NE – 5,607.02 p.
59 – Madison, WI – 5,478.83 p.
163 – Pittsburgh, PA – 2,077.48 p.

Cleveland, btw, is a distant 7th:
269 – Omaha, NE – 1,388.55 p.
286 – Arlington, VA – 1,312.11 p.
290 – Milwaukee, WI – 1,295.59 p.
397 – Cleveland, OH – 914.96 p.

DC is 15th, just ahead of Philadelphia. Odd that St Paul (357.41 p.) and Minneapolis (287.67) are split up, but even together they only make 9th.

2893 – New York, NY – 20.45 p. (55 riders logged 13,000 miles.)


In playing with that site, I see that Ian, Ben and Dave/Helen were all prize winners. Others may have been too, but I might not recognize real names as opposed to board names.

Ian, let us know what you think of your “roadside assistance” for bikes via the Better World Club membership!

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