Traffic counter installed on TRHT

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Noticed a hose and counting machine on the trail in Chateau (near Oxline and Liverpool) this morning. I wonder who and what they’re collecting bike path traffic numbers for…


That would be me. SPC put counters out on the Chateau, Millvale and Strip District Trails earlier this week. We’ll leave them out for about a week to collect bike activity counts. I suspect we’ll put them out on three other trail segments next week.

It’s a relatively efficient way to collect bicycle activity data.

We use these automated counts to supplement our “manual” (put someone on a street corner) counts.

Due to the technology available to us, we can only use the automated counters on trails — not in on-street locations.

Glad you noticed them!

P.S. If you ride really, really slowly over the tubes, they may not count you. So stare all you want at the tube and the counter, but keep pedaling as you cross over the tube!

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