Weekend Group Ride Thread

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Jacob McCrea

As mentioned in another thread, I am going to try to lead some longer-distance road rides this year, starting out of a reasonably convenient place, e.g., the South Side or the Waterfront. The rides would be especially good for anyone who plans to race CTC. I will post the rides here; feel free to post other rides here as well.

Given what looks like great weather this Saturday (Jan. 19), here is the first ride:

Meet at the Pump House at the Waterfront (Homestead) at 10:30 a.m. 55 mile round trip down the Mon River; we’ll throw in some solid hills, depending on who shows up. Pace will be moderate.

A few comments:

1) This is NOT what I’d call a “social” bike ride like Flock. I’d expect 15+ MPH on the flat parts, as well as drafting/pace lines.

2) Having tried it, be aware that no one can simultaneously lead a ride and babysit those who show up with wholly inadequate equipment, skills, etc. So, assess whether you are up for 50+ miles at a 15+ mph pace before showing up on a mountain bike or hybrid with enough tools to impress a NASCAR crew chief and enough food to host a Thanksgiving dinner.

3) There will be plenty of stores along the way and we will be stopping at them as needed.

4) If people bonk, they will not be left behind, but see comments 1 and 2 and plan accordingly.

Anonymous #

Cool! Let me see if I can workout with my family.


Jacob, thanks for the ride! looking forward to do more if it’s OK with you.

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