Level 1: Fundamentals of City Cycling Class


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The Fundamentals class curriculum is built according to your needs.

If you’re a novice time rider, the Fundamentals classes will help you practice balance. If you’re a life-long rider, the Fundamentals classes can help you dial in on improving a particular movement or skill. The personalized approach allows you to keep coming back to work on what you need to get pedaling.

The Wheel Mill’s indoor venue, and the class’s small-group, drop-in style allow participants to learn and practice city cycling skills in a controlled, protected environment.

Riders will have time before and after the class to practice new skills in The Wheel Mill’s Warm Up Room and Fundamental Skills Room (and if you’re feeling feeling ready, you can try to rest of the park too). Veteran bike educators Karen Brooks and Harry Geyer are the instructors.

When: The 3rd Tuesday of every month


  • Time: 7 PM
  • Price: $20
  • Where: The Wheel Mill’s indoor practice facility
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