Biking in Pittsburgh

Pittsburgh’s charm is due in part to our three rivers, countless bridges, and hills. However, they also make it hard to find your way around. Knowing how to avoid the busy arterial roads will make a much more pleasurable and safe ride. Here are some online resources to help you get around. If you still need some help, feel free to email us or post a question to our message board.


Pittsburgh Bike Map

paper mapWe produced the first on-street, commuter oriented Pittsburgh Bike Map since Sophie Masloff was mayor. This bike map is in a class of it’s own.

Find out about safe cycling techniques, the best routes as described by seasoned Pittsburgh cyclists, and the trails. Click on the image to find out where to obtain a copy.


Interactive Online Maps and Resources

online map Bike Pittsburgh’s very own online Pittsburgh Bike Map.

Explore Pittsburgh by bike, explore the map. We packed in tons of useful information such as trails, bridge crossings, landmarks, notes, friendly and cautionary routes, bike shops and more!



Bikes on Transit

  • Click here for everything you need to know about taking your bike on Port Authority transit


Trails and Trail Maps


Other Transportation Resources

  • Oakland Transportation Management Association – Assists with information on commuting and transportation alternatives
  • Consider joining or starting a BikePool. A BikePool is a group of riders who meet daily at a pre-determined location and ride together to work or back home. Group rides are safer, so new folks will feel more comfortable getting started. You can also use our message board to make arrangements with people to ride.



  • Bike Rides Around Pittsburgh – 425-plus bicycle rides, from .6 to 110 miles. People from elsewhere have trouble imagining this, but Pittsburgh is like a little village. Get beyond the city limits, and you’re in cornfields and cow pastures. This manual helps show you how to explore the region by giving ride suggestions on which you can elaborate as you become familiar with the general Pittsburgh territory near where you do most of your riding. Written by Oscar Swan



  • Venture Outdoors – Leads hundreds of outdoor tours in the region, including many bike rides.
  • Wilderness Voyagers – The largest bike tour operator in Pennsylvania operating tours on the GAP/ C& O and in 10 other Pennsylvania counties
  • Bike the Burgh – Unique urban bicycle tours featuring history, art, and architecture – Pittsburgh
  • Pedal PA – Leads bicycle tours of Pennsylvania