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PNC Bank unleashes sculptural bike racks in the city

The PNC Bank Logo as a sculpture bike rack I was stopped at the light on Millvale Ave and Baum

Be an Advocate! Make sure your favorite businesses have bike racks

Simply print out the sheet, cut, and give them to your favorite businesses in need of bike racks Back in

PG: Sprout Fund supports new ideas citywide

Art, environment prime beneficiaries Sunday, October 02, 2011 By Diana Nelson Jones, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette From its first grant of $900

BikePGH’s new office – finally with bike parking

Two lovely bike racks appeared at the BikePGH office today. Thanks Pittsburgh Public Works! We’ve received no less than a

Pop City: With 200 additional racks, city nearly doubles bike parking spaces

With 200 additional racks, city nearly doubles bike parking spaces With no bike racks available, cyclists are often forced to

Politics of the simple bike rack: How far we’ve come since 2004

How simple things are often complex Bike racks are often used as symbols of bike friendliness.  Although they are an

City launches bike rack program; rack request form now live

200 free bike racks to be distributed around the city.  Want one for your business?  Read on! Mayor Ravenstahl speaks

SURVEY: Bicycle service on Amtrak- Pittsburgh to DC

The Allegheny Trail Alliance is trying to determine if there is interest in Amtrak expanding it’s service to more easily

New, Simplified Bike Rack Ordinance Unanimously Passes Council

With City Council’s resounding “yea” vote, the City of Pittsburgh now has bike rack installation rules similar to other cities

Ravenstahl calls for more bike racks

Friday, January 23, 2009 Pittsburgh Post-Gazette In an effort to encourage the construction of bike racks, Pittsburgh Mayor Luke Ravenstahl