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Duquesne Duke: PA Legislation Aims to Protect Cyclists

Pennsylvania cyclists and motorists may have an easier time sharing the road than they ever have before. Already approved by

Governor Corbett signs “Safe Passing Bill” HB 170 Into Law

Pennsylvania becomes the 22nd state to require a minimum safe passing distance The state of Pennsylvania took a huge stride

Post-Gazette: Bill to ban driving and phoning introduced

State lawmakers are looking to ban cell phone use while driving. This was also introduced in 2007 (1) (2) to

IMPORTANT Safe Passing Legislation – Contact Your PA State Representative!

PA Walks and Bikes, a new statewide bicycle and pedestrian advocacy group that BikePGH is a member of, has released

Post-Gazette: When bicyclists break the safety chain, driver complaints mount

Monday, August 18, 2008 By Rich Lord, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette A.J. DeMartino admires cyclists for reducing America’s dependence on foreign oil,