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New Census numbers show Pittsburgh has the nation’s largest bike commuter jump since Y2K

The addition of protected bike lanes on Penn Ave helps build bike commuters from an early age, training wheels and

TRIB: Pittsburgh ranked eighth among large cities for commuting without cars

Pittsburgh a top ten car-free commute for large cities By Bobby Kerlik Published: Tuesday, Oct. 29, 2013, 11:51 p.m.  Waiting

2012 American Community Survey indicates upward bicycling trend nationwide

People riding over the Smithfield St Bridge After a year of small investments in bike infrastructure, Pittsburgh’s 2012 bicycling mode

2011 Census Data: Pittsburgh a Top 5 Biking and Walking City

Photo by flickr user pghmtb Pittsburgh ranks 5th in “biking and walking” mode share, 7th in biking, walking, and transit

Bike Commuting Rates in Pittsburgh Still on the Rise, Up 269% Percent Since 2000 Census

As of Friday, 100% of Pittsburgh buses have bike racks. ¬†These increased options help Pittsburgh’s commuters stay car-free Up 269%,

2008 City commuting trends are in: How does Pittsburgh stack up nationally?

Commuting to Downtown Pittsburgh How workers get to their job in the 60 most populous cities For the past three