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2010 Year in Review

The window display on our office reflecting the iconic Doughboy statue Like the sign in our window says, thank you

Politics of the simple bike rack: How far we’ve come since 2004

How simple things are often complex Bike racks are often used as symbols of bike friendliness.  Although they are an

Action Alert: Contact Your Councilperson and tell them to vote for more bike parking!

Take 30 seconds to send an email to City Council using our secure form below Please personalize it and change

Help Get more bike racks in Pittsburgh – Public Hearing on Very Important Bike Parking Ordinance: Tues Sept 1

Over 200 bicycles were parked in 8 automobile parking spaces at our BikeFest Kickoff Party.  While this has nothing to

Important Bike Parking Ordinance Soon to Go Before Planning Commission

This is what we’re trying to prevent. Fortunately, since this picture was taken, UPMC has installed bike racks to help

New, Simplified Bike Rack Ordinance Unanimously Passes Council

With City Council’s resounding “yea” vote, the City of Pittsburgh now has bike rack installation rules similar to other cities