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PG: Pittsburgh to convert South Side free parking area into bike lane

Bob Donaldson/Post-Gazette By Marcus Schwarz / Pittsburgh Post-Gazette “Those are good outdoorsy people who have money to spend in all

Play-by-play animation of the city’s growing on-street bicycle markings

  Click image to make bigger Pittsburgh’s growing network of on-street bike markings Since 2007, we’ve worked with the City

2010 Year in Review

The window display on our office reflecting the iconic Doughboy statue Like the sign in our window says, thank you

How bike lanes and sharrows are born in Pittsburgh

Riders on the East Liberty Blvd bike lane.  Photo by Brad Quartuccio randomprecisionphoto.com Where do they come from?  How do

New Bike Lanes and Sharrows on Forbes Ave in Squirrel Hill

Introducing the newest bike lanes (and bike lane symbol person) in Pittsburgh: Forbes Ave in Squirrel Hill An important piece

Trib: Pittsburgh’s bike lanes peddle sharing the road

By Matthew Santoni, TRIBUNE-REVIEW Saturday, August 8, 2009 Pittsburgh officials aim to add bike lanes or shared-lane markings to as

Fresh Sharrows on Penn Ave in the Strip

Some shared lane markings, or sharrows, were painted today on Penn Ave in the Strip City crews were installing sharrows

Please take this quick survey from the City of Pittsburgh about the Liberty Ave Shared Lane Markings

This only takes a minute As most of you know, the Shared Lane Markings on Liberty Ave in Bloomfield are

Five blocks of Penn Ave in Garfield to be Phase 1 of corridor rehab

Note: This was written by guest correspondent and Bike Pittsburgh member, Rachel Dingfelder. If you have any local news of