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PA Legislature Fails to Enact Comprehensive Transportation Funding Reform

House and Senate proposals would have included, for the first time, dedicated funding for walking and bicycling facilities HARRISBURG –

Action Alert: Tell Congress no new transportation money without reform

Let’s tell Congress to make transportation funding smart, clean, and accountable starting TODAY. A draft of the new transportation bill

Gov. Rendell: Merely reauthorizing the transportation bill would be “a disaster for future generations”

On Meet the Press Sunday morning, Governor Rendell (D-PA), in a round table discussion with Governor Schwartzenegger (R-CA), and NYC

How a bill becomes a law – a refresher

Since BikePGH has been so busy pushing for bike-friendly bills to become laws. We figured we should post a little

Tell Congress to Support Biking and Walking

Sign the petition! Full petition text: “Help reduce our vulnerability to oil prices by tripling—or more—the share of funding for