Urban Biking Forums

Invite BikePGH for a talk with employees about bike safety and bike advocacy


Provide employees and customers an opportunity to meet with BikePGH to talk about the things to have in mind when riding in the city and the Pittsburgh region in general. Great for new and veteran cyclists alike.BikePGH’s Urban Biking Companion and the Pittsburgh Bike Map create the back drop for this informative conversation. Learn tips about making your bike commute more safe, comfortable, convenient, and fun. The informal nature of the presentation allows us to focus on the interest of attendees. We’re able to discuss a wide range of topics from safety and basic maintenance concerns to pertinent policy and advocacy issues.

UBC CoverThe Urban Bike Forum is a perfect activity for any company interested in creating a bike friendly workplace. It complements our Bike Friendly Employer program to help businesses better connect with your bike riding employees and customers. The forum runs approximately 60 minutes with plenty of time during and following for BikePGH to answer questions and discuss biking in the city.

Urban Biking Companion guides and Pittsburgh Bike Maps are  made available to participants.

Contact business@bikepgh.org to schedule a class at your business.

bikepghbusinessoptionsBikes are good for business, good for our city, and good for you. The diversity and success of our business partners proves this time and time again.  Whether you’re an employee, a small business owner, or a multi-national corporation, we want you to show that in Pittsburgh, bikes mean business. Join today.