The eMessenger – Volume 1, Issue 1 – February 8, 2002

Volume 1, Issue 1 – February 8, 2002

“A Newsletter Published by to Promote Bicycle Safety and Awareness”

In This Issue:

* Announces New Website
* Files For Non-Profit Organization Status
* Getting Organized
* Spread the Word

BIKE-PGH.ORG ANNOUNCES NEW WEBSITE is pleased to announce a new website dedicated to promoting bicycle safety and awareness. Content of this web site is still very much a work in progress; new content will be continually added and updated on a regular bases. There are three main areas of the site that are still under development: Safety and Awareness (which will contain links and content relating directly to this subject), Community (a place for Pittsburgh Region cyclists to post messages, sell their equipment, etc.), and News and Events (announcements, rides, races, events…). In addition, there is a “Links” section to various other Pittsburgh Region cycling resources. In the near future, copies of these newsletters will be archived and accessible from the site as well. To visit, simply point your web browser to:

Visitors may be kept up to date with issues ot The Spokesman as well as announcements of events and opportunities to volunteer by subscribing the’s mailing list. Note: if you (as the reader of this message) have already subscribed, there is no need to do so again.


In an effort to promote bicycle safety and awareness, is in the process of filing with the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania for Non-Profit Organization [Section 501C(3)] Status. This will enable to obtain Local, State, and Federal Funds that may be available to promote this cause. “Official” status of will add credibility to activities sponsored by as well as potentially open doors to new and influential audiences. Another announcement of “Official” status will be made when the filing process has been completed and approved.

GETTING ORGANIZED has received literally hundreds of emails from members of the cycling community after the publication of a story in the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette about a Pittsburgh cyclist that was the victim of a recent hit-and-run incident. Messages have come in from various Pittsburgh Region cycling Clubs and Organizations, concerned individuals, other victims of acts of road-rage who may not have been “lucky” enough to have their story published, and far-off places like Anchorage Alaska, and Vienna Austria! The result is a cycling community that is ready to organize and volunteer to help promote cycling safety and awareness. is actively putting together an action plan that will utilize the talents and energy of the members of the cycling community. Current potential activities include:

* Print, Radio and/or Television ads to promote cycling safety and awareness – a “Share The Road” campaign
* Distribution of free bike helmets
* Public speaking engagements with influential Pittsburgh Area organizations or individuals

Calls for volunteers will be made as these or other plans become feasible to move forward. If any readers have direct experience, or can provide direct assistance with any of the currently proposed activities, they are encouraged to contact David Hoffman directly via email at:


Help spread the word! Please forward this Newsletter to anyone that you believe would benefit from reading or subscribing to it. If you have comments, suggestions, ideas, or materials/services that you would like to donate, please contact David Hoffman via email: mortgage alaska loandown loan 0 constructioncommission 100 loanloan 100 properties investmentbad loans 1000 creditcar 1800 loanbankruptcy student 2004 loan401k interest rate loan Mapabnb a loan hasamorazation loans home ofcalculator aje loan prostarc loan housing affordablestudent loan alistaagloan calculator102 home loans finansureloan acwen services Map

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