Help get more bike racks in Pittsburgh

HELP GET MORE BIKE RACKS IN PITTSBURGH.One way to help is to ask your employer. Employees are the best advocates and hold a lot of sway in getting racks at their workplace, not only for them, but for their customers. You can explain to your employer that a bike rack for employees provides more car parking for customers. Also, many employers have to provide car parking for their employees, which costs money, so providing secure bike parking will save them some cash (they like that).

Another thing that you can do is ask businesses that you frequent to provide secure parking for thier cycling customers. Explain to them the advantages of putting a bike rack in front of thier business. You can also send them a letter. Business owners will appreciate the fact that you are interested in their business enough to make recommendations on how to improve it.

Click here for a sample letter to send to businesses

There are many different types of bike racks out there, but here are the types we recommend:

Inverted-U Rack3Rivers RackCampus RackBike Rack Tree GuardRecycled Steering WheelLoop and Post

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  • mitch says:

    I’m an every day cyclist. Whether its from N. Braddock to Oakland every day or just to one of the local malls. One of the problems that I’ve encountered when I go into the malls (Edgewood Towncentre, Waterfront or any of the malls, there are no bike racks and forces you to find whatever you can tie off on to lock your bike. I think that all of the malls should have bike racks located thoughout the mall area…and I believe that it would increase the clientele numbers that visit the malls. More and more are opting to ride rather than drive or take public transportation.

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