Trib: City faces uphill pedestrian challenge

european-style crosswalk

An article about the upcoming public meeting on pedestrian issues appeared in today’s Tribune Review. It’s really garnering big political support. What we need to do as bicyclists is show up and show support for this plan and make sure the city draws the parallels between cyclists and pedestrians. Hopefully this meeting will provide the impetus for implementing an action plan (objectives associated with a time line) to go along with both the bike and pedestrian plans. For those of you who don’t know, the city has a thoughtful, comprehensive Bicycle Plan, but it lacks an action plan. Because it lacks a plan of action, the objectives aren’t being addressed in a timely manner.

“Part of Mayor (Luke) Ravenstahl’s vision for improving the quality of life in Pittsburgh is to incorporate a pedestrian plan for all city neighborhoods,” mayoral spokesman Dick Skrinjar said. “But we don’t want this to be something that’s driven by city planners and officials. We want the public, the customers, to tell us what they need and want.”

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