Free Ride voted 2nd best bike shop in Pittsburgh by City Paper readers

Thanks all you Pittsburgh City Paper readers for voting Free Ride the city’s 2nd best bike shop. It feels really great to know that people appreciate all of the hard work that we put into that project. 2006 was a tough year for us because we had to put a bunch of projects like the Kid’s Earn-a-bike, and the Adult Mechanic Classes on hold for much of the summer to facilitate the move to a new space inside Construction Junction. All of our energy had to go toward the move, but the results are great.
Free Ride
2007 is already looking to be a better. First and foremost, the move is done. We’re still putting the finishing touches on the shop, but for the most part, that burden is over. Second, through an organization called YouthWorks, we recently hired four teenagers to give us a hand around the shop. They’ve been a great help in organizing parts, fixing up bikes, and just generally keeping the shop going. Once the cold weather is gone, we aim to get all of our classes up and running in full force. So keep on the lookout, it’s going to be an exciting year.

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