Bike Pittsburgh attends National Bike Summit

national bike summit

Scott Bricker, the Executive Director of Bike Pittsburgh, is currently in Washington DC at the National Bike Summit.

The National Bike Summit brings together stakeholders from user groups, industry, government, and elected officials from around the country to share their ideas and best practices. Industry superstars, innovative thinkers, and effective national, state and local advocates will help craft a persuasive case statement for bicycling. Delegates will discover the value and impact of bicycling in the critical fields of transportation, health, recreation, tourism, energy and the environment.

Basically, the National Bike Summit is our opportunity to inform our members of Congress of the importance of bicycling, and to educate them on specific bicycling issues. It’s also one of the largest gatherings of national bicycle advocates, so time is made to network, attend workshops, and strategize.

Keep checking the site for updates and highlights of the summit from Scott. In the meantime, check out this Portland blogger’s coverage.
There are some photos of local folks posted on this site. See if you can find them.

Also of interest is the workshop schedule.

Pennsylvania Delegation

PA Delegation to the Hill

Floyd Landis

Floyd Landis (Tour de France Champ ’06)


Maurice Tierney of Dirt Rag in front of the Supreme Court

Great Directional Bike Signage

Great Directional Bike Signage

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