Gov. Rendell: Merely reauthorizing the transportation bill would be “a disaster for future generations”

On Meet the Press Sunday morning, Governor Rendell (D-PA), in a round table discussion with Governor Schwartzenegger (R-CA), and NYC Mayor Bloomberg, declared that mere reauthorization of the federal transportation bill would be disastrous. That we need something “creative, innovative, visionary.” The same words that T4America and bicycle and pedestrian advocates all over the country are pushing for.

GOV. RENDELL:  And the president understands, David, that we have to do it in a new way.  If we let ISTEA be reauthorized next year, same old, same old.

It’s a disaster for future generations.  We have to change. We have to do something like the infrastructure bank; creative, innovative, visionary.

The politicos spent time talking about how to fund infrastructure (public private partnerships, gas tax increase), why infrastructure is so critically important, and the importance of investing in high speed rail. Sounds like a great opportunity to push for a state-wide Complete Streets policy.

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