BikePGH in Pittsburgh Magazine’s “Best of Green” Issue

50+ of the best eco-friendly finds in our region

Best of Green
We made a lot of “best of” lists this week. Not really sure why the media deluge happened all at once.

Either way, in the latest list, Pittsburgh Magazine gave a shout out to BikePGH and cycling in their “Best of Green” issue.

Cycling was listed as the Best Way to Live Life in the Green Lane.

Cycling isn’t just for recreation anymore. While driving your pollution-generating car around town, you probably have seen numerous cyclists on the new bike lanes sprouting up throughout the city thanks to Bike Pittsburgh. So, why not get in on the greenest transportation trend. Even new buildings are required to have bicycle parking. Participating in this year’s national Bike to Work Week in May is a great way to start. You will get into better shape and might outlive your car-driving friends, save money on fuel and help the environment.

In the post about Construction Junction, Free Ride gets a mention: Free Ride, a project of Bike Pittsburgh, a local group that repairs donated bikes, donates bikes to Third World countries and holds repair workshops.

The company that hosts this here website, Pair Networks, got mentioned as Best Sustainable Web-Hosting Company, and cites how their “employees also do their part by using public transportation, riding bikes and taking hybrid cars to work.”

Our amazing parks got a mention for Best Green Spaces (duh). “Take advantage of their efforts and visit your local park, take a walk, ride your bike and celebrate the greenery.” What wasn’t mentioned was that our City Parks offer some of the best Mountain Biking in an urban area….period.

Nathan Wildfire got heralded as Pittsburgh’s Best Green Community-Development Leader. He says that he strives “to challenge and empower both neighborhood residents and regional leaders to think outside the box about how we plant trees, plan bike lanes, build buildings and roads, and use vacant space…[and to] empower people to dream big about where they live, work, play and worship.”

Also, Pittsburgh’s Queen of Green, the City’s Sustainability Coordinator Lindsay Baxter, was photographed amongst our iconic Three Rivers Bike Racks.

It’s been a great year for cycling in Pittsburgh, and an exhausting week of lists for us.

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