Action Alert: Contact Your Councilperson and tell them to vote for more bike parking!

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Please personalize it and change the subject and message a bit. Try to draw attention to your councilperson. Feel free to tell a personal story about your bike getting stolen, or other instances where bike parking would have been useful or necessary.

EDIT: Thanks to everyone who emailed City Council to ask them to pass the Bike Parking Ordinance – It worked (so we took the email form letter down)! On March 17, 2010, Council unanimously voted to include bicycle parking requirements into the zoning code. THANKS!!

Pittsburgh cyclists are one step closer to more and better bike parking throughout the City. The Planning Commission unanimously passed the Proposed Bicycle Parking Ordinance on September 1.

Next stop: City Council

We need you, the grassroots, to let City Council know the importance of this ordinance

Ever ridden to a shiny new building and had nowhere to lock your bike?

Of course you have. Basically, buildings are often erected or refurbished without any thought put in to where residents, employees and customers can safely park a bicycle. There are, however, lots of rules in the big zoning book that say how many automobile parking spaces must accompany buildings. The book also has a page for Bike Parking, however this page is blank.  We’ve been working for the past two years with the Mayor’s Bike/Ped Coordinator, Steve Patchan and Senior Planner, Corey Layman to get this amendment written similar to what other bike-friendly cities have.

This ordinance is integral to continue on the road toward a green, sustainable, and active city.

What this proposed ordinance states is that anytime a new building is built, or there is a change or expansion in use, building owners must put in a bike parking.  There is also an incentive component to the ordinance, whereby a developer can replace up to 30% of their car parking requirement with bicycle parking.
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You can also contact them the old-fashioned way.  CLICK HERE to find your rep and her/his address

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