BikeFest Highlight: Team Decaf Weekend

Check out Team Decaf Weekend during BikeFest, August 7th and 15th

Come ride with Team Decaf Weekend during this year’s BikeFest for a 12 Bridges exploration of Pittsburgh on August 7th and a Zoom the Tombs cemetery history ride on August 15th.

Who is Team Decaf Weekend?

They’re a spin-off of Team Decaf (a long-time Tuesday night ride group) riding just about every other Saturday morning from Tazza D’oro in Highland Park. They’re a C-paced group, not fast road riders, but moderate speeds, usually 20 – 25 mile rides in the city within a 2-2.5 hour time period.

Team Decaf Weekend isn’t exactly a team, just a bunch of folks that like to ride bikes. It’s the more casual paced counterpart to Team Caffeine and all are welcome.

During the season, they ride through Highland Park, Shadyside, Oakland, East Liberty, downtown, Lawrenceville, Morningside, Bloomfield, along the Jail Trail, the Southside Trail, the Allegheny Riverfront Trails, past the stadiums, casino, and Station Square, the Point, Riverview Park, and up to the West End Overlook, plus many more city locations.

Aug 7: 12 Bridges, 3 Rivers, 21 Miles

August 7th from 11am – 1pm beginning at Tazza D’Oro in Highland Park (1125 N. Highland Ave.)

The ride explores one of Pittsburgh best known features – it’s many bridges. Passing over the rivers 12 times, the ride offers beautiful views of the city and it’s scenery. The ride proved a success when it was tested in April 2010 by nine riders who braved the cold 41 degree weather. They decided that it needed to be shared with the public and are bringing it to BikeFest!

Aug 15: Zoom the Tombs

August 15th from 2pm – 4:30pm beginning at Tazza D’Oro in Highland Park (1125 N. Highland Ave.)

This ride was inspired by the opening of Allegheny Cemetery to bike riders just a few weeks ago and will be a 20 mile exploration of three of Pittsburgh’s scenic cemeteries: Allegheny, Homewood, and Calvary. Co-led by Lucia M Aguirre who as an architect, wrote one of her research papers on the architecture of the Allegheny Cemetery, the ride will include interesting stops of tombs and sites throughout the different cemeteries.

Check out the downloadable ride map for a description and some fascinating facts about the different sites.

For more information about Team Decaf Weekend and their weekly rides and events, look up their website:

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