Pittsburgh’s PARK(ing) Day Transformation by Bicycle

You’ve probably heard that there’s a lot happening in Pittsburgh tomorrow for fans of bicycles and urbanism.

With three Car-Free Fridays locations, a new trail opening, 25 PARK(ing) Day spots, a bike tour of all the converted spaces, two after-parties, and a Flock of Cycles ride, it is very nearly impossible to decide what to do.

Go on a Bike Tour of Pittsburgh’s PARK(ing) Day

Two fabulous Bike Pittsburgh volunteers have organized a bike tour of the 25 locations.

The ride will meet at 11:45 and leave at noon from the Bike Pittsburgh PARK(ing) Day Lounge (~410-ish S. Craig St in Oakland). This ride will be slow-paced and no one will be left behind, unless they would like to be. It will be suitable for new riders or people new to group rides, but perhaps not very young kids.

Group Ride and Sharing the Road Etiquette

If you’re new to group rides, here are a few easy rules of etiquette that make sharing the road easy for everyone:

How We Ride:

Stay in the right lane
Leave nothing and nobody behind
Stop at red lights
Ride straight and predictably
Communicate with other riders

And though there is going to be much to oooh and ahhhh over, the ride leaders wanted to make sure that people remember “when we get to a spot, we HAVE to get out of traffic”. So don’t stop right where you’re riding:Either Be A Part of Moving Traffic or Move Off The Road – No Double PARKing”

Can’t make the whole ride? Stay in touch with Twitter!

If you don’t have time for a 16 mile ride in the middle of the day, why not join for a half hour? We’ll tweet upcoming locations using the hashtag #parkingdayPGH for updates and you can catch up for a segment of the ride.

(Thanks to Momentum for those riding tips)

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