Wilkins Ave, Highland Ave get bike lanes, sharrows

East End Connections emerging.  Blue indicates streets that already have bike lanes/sharrows.  Orange indicates streets that we expect to have markings by the end of the year.  The brown is the trail through Mellon Park.

The East End bike network continues to expand with the addition of bike lanes on Wilkins Ave and sharrows on Highland Ave.

A slew of East End streets are expected to receive bike-friendly markings this month.  Wilkins, the first of these streets, is part of an effort to connect the neighborhoods, and the respective parks, with a clearly marked bike route.  Also due to be installed are markings on N Dallas Ave, Hamilton Ave, Forbes Ave, and Highland Ave.  After, you will be able to bike from Schenley Park to Frick Park to Highland Park completely on streets with either bike lanes or sharrows.  Likewise, once completed, it will connect six neighborhoods with continuous bike infrastructure.

You can join a conversation on the Wilkins Ave bike lanes on the BikePGH Messageboard.

Highland Ave, another piece of this network, also saw some new markings with the addition of shared lane markings, or sharrows.  The sharrows start at the bike lanes on East Liberty Blvd and continue into Highland Park.

You can join a conversation about the Highland Ave Sharrows on the BikePGH Messageboard.

Cyclists checking out the fresh sharrows on Highland Ave

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