City replaces Liberty Ave sharrows with bike lanes

Sharrows changed to bike lanes and extended through the Bloomfield Bridge intersection

Way back in 2007, Mayor Luke Ravenstahl rode on the freshly painted bike lanes and shared lane markings, or sharrows, on Liberty Ave, marking the first inter-neighborhood bike lanes in the City.  Starting at Baum Blvd, the sharrows went through the Bloomfield business district and became bike lanes after the Bloomfield Bridge.  The project proved incredibly popular, so this year, the City has decided to upgrade the sharrows to legit bike lanes.  Continuing the relationship with the City, BikePGH paid for the engineering of the new lanes, with the understanding that the City would install them.

As of today, they still need to add the bike symbols and any new signs. There will also be some work to improve the section around the Bloomfield Bridge to make the interchange safer. You can see how the bike lane has already been extended through the intersection.

Stay tuned and we’ll keep you up-to-date on the latest developments.

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  • gimpPAC says:

    Woo! That’s great! I wish there was more room so we could put buffers btw the cyclist and the parked cars and traffic lane but I’ll take this.

  • chemworker5 says:

    Hey. I was along for that ride in 2007. this is good! Hopefully happen more often. Good Job!

  • […] so the City uses sharrows to establish the route and connection. Eventually, similar to what happened on Liberty Ave in Bloomfield, the sharrows may become legit bike lanes, assuming there is physical space, money and political […]

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