Trail from DC to Pittsburgh to be completed in spring 2013

Photo courtesy of Allegheny Trail Alliance

Three of four incomplete sections to be finished by November 2012. Last section to be completed in spring.

From the Post-Gazette:

“It’s an amazing feeling,” said Ms. Boxx [president of the Allegheny Trail Alliance ]who has encountered many obstacles to the trail’s completion.

The final piece of unfinished trail spans Baldwin Borough, where it dead ends into Keystone Metals, a metal recycling plant, and Sandcastle.

Currently, the trail snakes along the south side of the Monongahela River but dead ends in Baldwin, where trail users encounter a fence that bars them from entering the Keystone Metals. But some ignore the signs and carry their bikes up a steep grade and along railroad tracks.

The completion of the trail will give cyclists and trail users a safer — not to mention legal — option to traverse the site. Ms. Boxx said construction on that section will include a large wall to protect trail users from activities at the site, a metal recycling facility.

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  • This is awesome, I can’t wait!

  • pghrider says:

    OK…………..but hot air with sero action is not awesome. I’ll wait until it’s actually open before getting excited. The trail agreement with mindless, paranoid sandcastle management and this opportunistic salvage yard owner has been announced and fell through three times in the last 5 years. Most recently, Anorato announced completion for 2011. The whole project was approved, budget, design and schedule was worked out, but nothing hasppened at all. Selfish property owners assume riders of this trail are not potential clients. They are ignorant and it has taken a long time for common sense and reason to surface. Wise business owners know how to treat the community. The number of runners and riders is huge.

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