Bike to Work Day 2013, Friday May 17th

National Bike to Work Day will be Car Free Fridays’ largest single day event of the year with over 500 people participating.  


The wait is over: Car Free Fridays is back for its fifth year and we’re working with local businesses to bring you many opportunities for leaving the car at home for at least one day a week! Whether you love the hills of Pittsburgh or would rather put your bike on a bus for part of your trip, Car Free Fridays has evolved to take this into consideration and create events that are not just geared towards bicycle transportation, but encourage the use of multimodal transportation.

Though “multimodal” includes public transit, walking, and biking, National Bike to Work Day takes BikePGH back to our bicycle advocacy roots. Join thousands of people across the country (and hundreds in Pittsburgh) and hop on your bike for your commute. There will be 12 hydration stations set up across the city for you! If you are already a regular commuter, enjoy the free food and gifts! If you have yet to give bicycle commuting a go, this is a great opportunity to try it out! You’re sure to see other friendly faces on bicycles along the way. See the map below to find your nearest hydration station; stop by on your way to work, meet your neighbors, and leave with some SWAG.

Hydration Station Locations Map:

View 2013 Bike to Work Day: Hydration Station Locations in a larger map

Things you can do to prepare for Bike to Work Day:

  • Look over the Commuting 101 Guide to review some tips on safe, easier commuting from tire inflation to turn signals
  • Find bike parking near your place of employment (bring a lock), or ask your employer if you can bring you bike inside for safe storage
  • Sign up for the National Bike Challenge to track your miles and represent the Pittsburgh bicycling community to the nation
  • Get a tune up from your local bike shop. Discounts at the bike shops apply to BikePGH Members!
  • Volunteer on Bike to Work Day–we need help at all of the Hydration Stations! email to let us know at which station you can lend a hand.


bike_the_voteTell Pittsburgh’s Mayoral Candidates that you want safe streets for biking and walking! There’s a good chance that Pittsburgh’s next Mayor will be decided in May’s Democratic Primary. A supportive mayor is the difference between expanding on bike-friendly initiatives or a halt. Show the candidates that biking and walking issues are popular, and can even swing an election! Sign our petition TODAY!



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