ENOUGH! 8 year old boy on bike hit by SUV on residential Point Breeze street


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Tragedy struck a family yesterday, when an SUV struck an 8-year old boy riding with his family. Reynolds St, in the Point Breeze neighborhood of Pittsburgh, was marked last year by the City as a bicycle route after two summer fatalities on the parallel Penn Ave, mere blocks away. The street is a quiet, residential roadway that, during the summer months is packed with people of all ages riding bicycles to and from the extensive trail system in Frick Park. There is also a school along the street, yet drivers often use it as a cut through to avoid the busy Penn Ave.

WTAE VIDEO: Boy, 8, hit by SUV while riding bicycle with family

KDKA VIDEO: 8-Year-Old Remains In Critical Condition After Being Struck By Vehicle

Pittsburgh Tribune-Review: Boy on bicycle struck by SUV in Point Bree

PittsburghPost-Gazette: 8-year-old boy in critical condition after being hit on bicycle

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The Pittsburgh Tribune-Review’s article is notable in that the author takes windshield vision to the next level by drawing sympathy to the “sobbing” driver, who was referred to as a “poor woman” followed by a quote from a neighbor who wants “to go put [her] arms around her.” There was no mention of the father who had to watch his son get hit, and pull him from being pinned under the SUV.

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