PGH v. CLE showdown in the National Bike Challenge

Help PGH win the Rust Crown rivalry (again)

Pittsburgh, its time for a pep talk.  Lets begin with some facts:

  1. PGH v CLEThe National Bike Challenge started May 1st, but it’s not too late to ride for Pittsburgh.
  2. Cleveland has publicly announced that they’re going to kick our can and take our title as Rust Belt Champion.
  3. To make matters worse, not only have they called us out, they’ve contracted Rustbelt Welding to actually fabricate a Rust Belt Crown for the rivalry champion that they actually think they’re going to win…

Pittsburgh one thing we have in common is our burning  passion and distaste for Cleveland at every level of competition.  Now it’s our turn, the average Jane and Joe, to get in the game and proclaim the City of Champions one more time!

Our Pittsburgh Bike Challenge strategy:

  • Join the free challenge at whether your ride a little or a lot, EVERY PERSON COUNTS!
  • Log your bike trips, whether it’s a long weekend ride, your commute to work or a quick pedal around the block.  EVERY MILE COUNTS!
  • Ride and drive knowing that you’re sharing the road with a team mate! We all roll together.

Lets all work together and win the Rust Belt Championship.  Join the challenge, log your miles, build your teams and lets make sure the Rust Crown resides in the city it deserves!


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