Final Three Days of the Drive With Care Indiegogo Campaign

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Be a part of our premiere initiative for driver education and send the message that we are the people who ride bikes!

You asked for it and we listened! When we’ve asked what steps are needed to make the members of the Pittsburgh bicycling community feel better biking in our city, a recurring reply has been driver outreach and education to reduce aggressive encounters on our streets. In response, we created the Drive With Care Campaign take the message directly to drivers that all types of people, from your nurse to your favorite football star, ride bikes.

With spring weather on its way again and so many people out riding bikes, it is crucial that we remind drivers that we have loved ones too! Through images of real Pittsburghers who ride–including Steelers’ 2013 MVP Antonio Brown–on billboards, bus shelter ads, and other media, people in cars will begin to internalize the idea that we are their friends and neighbors.

We ride our bicycles for many different reasons, but one thing that we all have in common is that we love the feeling we get riding our bikes. Many of us have experienced aggressive encounters on the roads and have friends whose lives were forever changed Rachel spoke cardbecause of hit-and-run crashes. The Drive With Care campaign will directly affect our quality of life. As drivers internalize the message and begin to “drive with care” they will naturally give people on bikes more consideration and room, making the ride nicer for all of us.

When you contribute to this campaign you’ll get to see the billboards and bus shelter ads around Pittsburgh this summer telling drivers that all of our lives matter knowing that you helped make it happen!

We have a few days left until April 20th to raise $50,000 in order to launch the Drive With Care CampaignMany thanks to our 350+ contributors so far! We are well on our way, and with a matching grant secured the goal is within reach!

Please watch the video to hear Rick Sebak narrate our pitch, and then please support the campaign. Spread the word through social media, email your friends and family, tell your co-workers at the water cooler, and even talk with your nebby neighbors. Small contributions add up, and Drive With Care affects all of these people because someone they love rides a bike (that’s you)! Together we will bring the Drive With Care message to the streets of Pittsburgh.

Short link to the campaign to share with your friends and family:

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Billboard slide.editOur Drive With Care Indiegogo campaign still has $20,000 to raise in a few days! With your help we can make it.  Please consider donating to make sure this message gets sent loud and clear to people on the other side of the windshield, “Bike riders are your friends, family, and neighbors. Please Drive With Care.”

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