Join in the (Friendly) Competition: #EverydayBiking Counts

It's a Burgh Thing Ride Panorama Point State Park

Celebrating #EverydayBiking in Pittsburgh

PeopleforBikes is searching to find the best city in the country for casual biking and Pittsburgh is in the running!

On the last Thursday of each month we’ll have someone at the intersection of Penn Ave at 10th Street in Downtown from 4:30 to 5:30 p.m. counting the number of:

Thurs., April 30: cargo bikes and trailers
Thurs., May 28: racks and baskets (bonus points if they’re carrying flowers)
Thurs., June 25: skirts and dresses (or sarongs, togas, and kilts)
Thurs., July 30: Lycra or other spandex kits
Thurs., August 27: kids on bikes (passengers included)
Thurs., September 24: business attire (jackets, blouses, ties, office-friendly skirts and dresses)
Thurs., October 29: costumes
Thurs., November 19*: beards

IMPORTANT: Running up the score is encouraged! So rally your friends so that we can be sure that Pittsburgh comes out on top in this highly scientific survey.

The results (the best U.S. cities for biking in a skirt, etc) will be announced on the PeopleforBikes site on the first day of each month. And in December, they will compile all the stats into a single, ultimate ranking of the Best City for Everyday Biking.

All right, everybody. Check over the schedule. We’ll see you downtown on the Penn Ave lane on the last Thursday of each month!

*The November ride will take place on the 19th to avoid the Thanksgiving holiday.

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