Bike to Work Day wows: Impressive percentage of Penn Ave trips made by bike

By BikePGH
A manual count was done today, Bike to Work Day 2015, at Penn and 10th counting bikes and motorized vehicles (buses, cars, trucks, motorcycles). And the number of people on bikes was really impressive!

Here’s a quick summary of the results:

For the sake of this, bikes are included when we say “vehicles” and (obviously) not when we say “motorized vehicles.”

From 7:30am-9am bikes were 26% of all traffic!
– 168 bikes, 481 motor vehicles (649 total vehicles)
– 1 bike for every 3 motorized vehicles

Peak time for trips made by people on bikes was 8:30am-9am:
– 44 bikes, 100 motorized vehicles
30% of all vehicles from 8:30-9 were bikes
– 1 bike for every 2.2 cars

Note: Penn Ave was closed between 6h-9th St, but it was downstream, and inbound cars had no way to know until they reached 9th (and cars can’t go outbound). Cars were not backed up even with the closure.

Happy Bike to Work Day! We can’t wait to see next year’s numbers.

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