P-G: Bicyclists test out roll-on train service for Amtrak


Photo by Lillan Thomas, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

Amtrak is nearly ready to roll

Six local bicyclist recently tested out the Amtrak roll on service. The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette covered the story.

By Lillian Thomas | Pittsburgh Post-Gazette
At 5 a.m. Friday, six bicycles and their riders were on the Penn Station platform in Downtown Pittsburgh, ready to roll onto the Capitol Limited Train 30.In the early-morning darkness, the bikes went up a ramp to the last car on the train, were flipped vertical and coaxed into front-wheel hooks, then Velcroed into place by their riders, who then took their seats for the 95-minute ride to Connellsville.

A couple of bicyclists who had paid $10 for the privilege of buying a box, disassembling and crating their bikes and handing them over to Amtrak personnel to stow on the train looked vexed. The half-dozen with roll-on rights were part of a demonstration ride as Amtrak prepares to introduce the service on the Capitol Limited, which runs between Chicago and Washington, D.C. The roll-on service will cost $25 on top of ticket price.

Amtrak has not announced the start date for the service but a spokeswoman said it could be as soon as this week.

Read the full story on the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette website.

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